Talyah London/Review

So four month ago, I received a package from Talyah London, a UK brand. I was only able to write mini review about the products on my Instagram page. I also created few looks using their lipsticks and halal kohl. So now that my blog is up, I decided why not give a detailed review on the products.

So they sent me two nail polish, Kohl and two lipsticks.


Arabian night

Like I said there were two nail polish in the package, ‘DRAMA’ and ‘ARABIAN NIGHT‘ .The nail polish is said to be halal, i.e it is water permeable(wudu friendly),It is breathable,it feels lightweight. It doesn’t feel heavy at all on your fingers. It is also very easy to remove.

When I posted it on my snapchat, a lot people send a message asking whether or not it is really wudu friendly. They are a bit skeptical about praying with a nail polish. My reply was if they really feel uncomfortable praying with then fine, they should take it off before praying. The nail polish like I said is very easy to remove, you can just peel it off and re-apply it after you finish if you want.

Over to the lipsticks, they sent ‘COSMOS‘ and ‘ FEN‘.



My favorite is the ‘COSMOS‘. I love the colour. I think it really goes with my complexion. It is also more pigmented than ‘FEÑ‘. The only thing I dislike about the ‘COSMOS‘ is that it is a little bit dry, one swipe isn’t enough. You will have to apply it over and over to make the colour pop on your lips.

The product I really enjoy using Was The Halal Kohl. It is very easy to use, very pigmented and last really long. I didn’t have any difficulties or problems using it. I just love the way it makes the eyes pop. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves using Kohl.

So I guess that’s basically it about the products. I will leave a link to their Instagram page. Be sure to check them out.

Talyah London

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