RAW BEAUTY NG—Simple Review

Hello Guys so today I will be reviewing Raw Beauty products.


Raw Beauty is a Nigerian skincare brand that produces high quality organic skincare products for both the adults and babies.


Their products are made from natural ingredients to nourish the skin.

They sent me their Baby package; Baby Soap, Baby Butter and Multipurpose Balm



The first thing about the products that really caught my attention was the packaging. The brand has a beautiful non plastic packaging.The products are neatly organized in a green rectangular-shaped box and placed in a brown paper bag. The soaps come in brown square-shaped box while the Baby Butter and Balm come in glass containers with golden lids and placed also in a brown square-shaped box.The packaging looks very attractive and presentable👌🏻

My ratings: 8/10


A. Baby Butter

Comes in a 4.floz glass container

APPEARANCE AND TEXTURE; smooth, thick in consistency,creamy and is yellowish in colour

SMELL: it has a nice mild smell

HOW IT FEELS ON THE SKIN:very easy to apply as it has a very smooth texture. The Butter is really moisturizing,this makes it suitable for people with dry skin.

B.Multipurpose Balm

It also comes in similar container. It is grennish in colour. It has almost the same smell with the baby butter,very nice. I prefer the balm to the butter because unlike the baby butter, the balm is a multi-tasker.Can be used as nappy cream, makeup remover and if you are someone like me who has very dry palms or feets, I suggest using the balm as it helps in preventing them from drying all the time.

What I also like about it is a little of the balm goes a long way,this gives it an added value because the product will last for a very long time.

C. Soap

I was actually saving the best for last. The soap is my favorite, I really enjoyed using it. It is foamy,very mild on the skin,and it gently and deeply cleanses the skin.

If you are wondering which products to get yourself or your baby, I suggest you go for Raw beauty products. You won’t regret it.

IG: @Rawngr

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